Founder’s Letter

V LeGeneral

Christians, what if your life as a Christian was one big hoax? What if, after you died, you awoke only to find yourself at the whims of a capricious deity that you chose not to serve in your lifetime? What if you realized that the Bible and the message of Jesus were all lies?

Some of you think that you’re immune from such thoughts. Don’t be so sure. There are arguments out there that are so logical, so thought-provoking, and so persuasive that they will shake your faith like a limp rag. And if you, like me, were raised in a Christian home, you may not have seen many of these things. It is no wonder, then, that many Christian college students face serious battles with doubt after their first year. It is no wonder that even the most seasoned Christian can still wrestle with difficult questions about the Bible.

As Christians, we believe we have the answer. Unfortunately, we haven’t always done a good job of telling the world why this is reasonable answer. Instead, some Christians have chosen to hide behind safe walls and separate themselves from education and intellect. Science and religion have become two distinct entities. Instead of using youth groups and church services to equip our young people to defend the Christian faith in an academically rigorous way, we have relegated academics to the secularists and ignored this crucial training.

That’s why we’re here today. Several millennia ago, a church father named Irenaeus wrote a book called Against Heresies, which dealt with the rising heresy of Gnosticism. Today, we are starting Against Doubt to deal with the secular arguments that the Christian faith faces. And what makes us different from similar websites and organizations? While we are targeting all Christians of all denominations, we primarily want to make our content understandable for college students and teens. As college students ourselves, we can better relate this information in a way that young people can understand and be excited about.

We will strive to release an article per month. We will stay apolitical and refrain from controversies that will lessen the integrity of Against Doubt (2 Timothy 2:23, Titus 3:9). The primary mission of Against Doubt is to show why, from the evidence, we can believe in the reliability of the Bible and the gospel message, thus giving our lives deeper meaning and purpose.

I extend the invitation to subscribe to everyone: doubters, lapsed Christians, hardened skeptics, and strong Christians who seek edification. If you are serious about knowing why you believe or looking to start building that foundation, then you will join me. And one day, when you face your own battle, may you, too, have an answer.

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