Reformation Day, 631 B.C.: King Josiah

D JessenHistory8 Comments

On this day, October 31, we celebrate the moment when Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses and made a stand against the darkness and deception that had permeated the spiritual landscape. But over two thousand years before Martin Luther, another reformation took place. It was not a common Augustinian monk calling for a faculty meeting, but a king in the line of David: Josiah. And what was posted on the king’s door, so to speak, was not a document of concerns about religious traditions. Rather, it was the plain and open Law of God: the book of Deuteronomy.

Did King David Exist?

V LeHistory12 Comments

Did you know that many scholars think that King David never existed? That’s right – the courageous shepherd who killed Goliath, fled from King Saul, united Israel under his rule, and conquered Jerusalem is thought by many to have been a total fabrication. Until 1993, the only accounts of David existed in the Bible. He was mentioned in none of the Egyptian, Syrian, or Assyrian documents of the time, and excavations of his city, Jerusalem, yielded no mention of his name.