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7 years ago

GREAT work, as always, Vinh!!

7 years ago

thanks…..always wondered about this one

7 years ago

Good job.

Can you write about God allowing Samuel to speak to Saul after Samuel’s death (the Bible says spirits don’t come back)? Similar principle as this article here.

Amature Sermon Preparer
4 years ago
Reply to  Corey

Again this was a one off, where the “witch” was terrified herself – as spirits don’t normally come back – and God permitted Samuel to speak to Saul – not the witch, who screamed – and realised that something was VERY different.
This is not an endorsement to go to witches, etc – as the news that Saul got – was death the next day…

James Matthewson
7 years ago

Very very interesting. I wonder if Elisha sinned in this case though.