March 16, 2016

Do you ever wonder why you believe what you believe? Have you had any doubts about your faith? Against Doubt will answer your questions in a unique way.

TRANSCRIPT: Since the dawn of humanity, men have placed their hope in religion, seeking to find the answer to the ultimate existential question. Today, the world is home to thousands of religions and systems of thought that have evolved and expanded over the course of time. They have been tried and tested, rising and falling with passing civilizations. But doubt still lingers on, echoing into the very cores of our souls. Why do we exist? What is our purpose on earth? Is there more than just this life? Is there really a God? And if He exists, does He care about His creation? Who is this carpenter that lived over two thousand years ago and continues to shape culture around the world? Was he merely a mortal man? Or was he the Son of God? Is the Bible true, or has it been corrupted by centuries of additions and fabrications? Does it contradict itself? Does it fail the test? In a world where pain and suffering triumph, is faith in the Bible legitimate? Is there really a way to fight against doubt?